25ft Sewn Ducting – PVC Polyester & Steel Helix, Flame Resistant & Flexible – D001224-1800

25ft Sewn Ducting – PVC Polyester & Steel Helix, Flame Resistant & Flexible – D001224-1800

This sewn ducting is designed for air in temporary ducting systems. For use with air movement, air conditioning and dehumidification. PVC polyester has excellent UV resistance. Large pitch allows for significant compression and flexibility. Meets flame resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications

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13 lbs
25 in
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PVC Polyester




-20°F to 180°F

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Introducing an innovative solution to your air conditioning, air movement, and dehumidification needs – the D001224-1800 PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting. This cutting-edge ducting is expertly crafted using PVC polyester, a material known for its remarkable resistance to UV rays, ensuring durability and longevity. Featuring a large pitch design, it is highly flexible and compressible, ready to adapt and modify to fit your unique requirements with ease.

Safety is at the forefront of our approach, and the D001224-1800 has met rigorous compliance standards such as flame-resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701. It is expertly designed and built with the sturdiest steel helix, guaranteeing exceptional performance in extreme temperature conditions from a frigid -20°F to a sweltering 180°F, making it an excellent option for industrial grade applications.

This premium product measures 18-inches in diameter, is 25-feet in length, and weighs 13-pounds, so you can expect a reliable and durable solution to your airflow needs. Boasting an impressive vacuum rating of 29 and pitch measurement of 6 inches, the D001224-1800 PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting is highly versatile and able to meet any challenge you may face in an industrial environment.

Make the smart choice and invest in the D001224-1800 today, experiencing unparalleled performance and the highest level of quality. With this temporary ducting at your disposal, you can rest assured that your desired airflow management will be met efficiently and effectively. Don’t wait, order now and enjoy the power and performance only the D001224-1800 can provide!

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